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Monday, August 27, 2012

Everyone needs a Big Hug…


& Kiss!


I love hugs, and am constantly asking for hugs from my family. I’m less so with my friends and acquaintances but if any of them were to offer a hug I wouldn’t turn it down. 

Children’s entertainer Charlotte Diamond, has a song called, 4 Hugs a Day. I remember hearing it as a kid and loved it. When I was 18, I received a community cookbook from my ‘Connections Canada’ 4-H twin and her family. Like most community cookbooks it has inspirational quotes placed throughout the pages. While flipping through it I discovered this one:


We need 4 hugs a day for survival

We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance

We need 12 hugs a day for growth.


I’ve quoted it to my family on more then one occasion. And joke with them that the reason I’m short is because I didn’t get enough hugs while growing up.

Knowing this about me it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn I fell in love with, A Big Hug & Kiss by Jeanne C Abel, as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately, it was in an ad in a knitting magazine for a retailer in the States. They did have an online store but shipping was going to cost more then the pattern so I put it off. I joined Jeanne’s group on Ravelry and asked if there was any place in Canada I could buy it but no luck. It was probably about a year before Jeanne created a Patternfish account and offered it for sale there. Even more time passed before I had  a way of buying it.

Then came the hunt for the right yarn. It’s made with a bulky weight 100% cotton yarn. That’s not a yarn that is readable available at any of the LYS. I searched online for something that would work but money was a factor and although spending the $50 to $60 on the yarn was justifiably. Spending another 20 on shipping wasn’t. So again I waited.

In March 2010,  the local fibre festival, FibresWest, was held. I wandered into one vendors booth,  Jane Stafford Textiles, and was so glad I did. I discovered some extremely soft, bulky weight cotton. Labelled simply Island Cotton V. And unlike other fibre festivals I actually had money on me. It took me less than a minute to decide that it would work and that I would buy it.

The combination of this yarn and pattern were wonderful. It resulted in a heavenly soft fabric that engulfs you in a cozy hug. Oh, did I mention that it’s a Moebius.

 P1000370 P1000365 P1000366 P1000368

Just realized that these pictures make me look incredibly short. Their self portraits so I had to kneel to be level with the camera, that was sitting on the table.

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